Nice stuff people said

Sean Coughlan, Chief Executive, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland
“Ruairi is one of the most impressive innovators I have worked with. He combines a strong and compelling vision with excellent leadership skills as can be seen in the growth SpunOut.ie, under Ruairi’s leadership, into one of Ireland’s premier youth organisations. Ruairi had the ability to keep his finger on the pulse of both the organisation and the market it served and was able to develop innovative new services that drove growth and generated significant positive impact in Ireland. He would make a powerful contribution to any organisation looking to increase civic engagement or develop a more effective communications platform.”

 Sinead Gibney, Google
“Ruairí is a visionary leader. As Social Action Manager for Google, I meet and work with many representatives of the NGO sector and few have understood Google and what we have to offer as well as Ruairí does. I’m delighted to endorse Ruairí and I believe we’ve only yet seen a glimpse of what he can achieve. He has inspired me and I believe he has a long and successful career ahead of him making a difference to the lives of many people. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.”

 Jane Forman, The Atlantic Philanthropies
“Ruairi brings vision, creativity and passion to organisational challenges and opportunites. He is an excellent networker and has a very inclusive way of working.”

 Senator Jillian van Turnhout, Former Chief Executive, Children’s Rights Alliance
“Ruairi has always brought energy, creativity and commitment to all that he does in life. He is a driven person who encourgages others to shine. I have always found it a pleasure to work with Ruairi.”

Caroline McGuigan, Founder CEO of Suicide Or Survive (SOS)
“I have had the honour and privilege to journey with Ruairi as a colleague and friend in the world of social entrepreneurs and mental health.  I have never met such a passionate, committed, determined and down to earth man like him.  Ruairi remains true to his beliefs and will go over and beyond to make things happen.  Ruairi is extremely forward thinking and sees a challenge as a opportunity for growth and development.  I have no doubt in my mind Ruairi has inspired many people and I am proud to say I am one of these people.”

Orla Barry, CEO of Mental Health Ireland 
“Ruairi is an inspiration. He has such passion and energy and he is clear and focused on achieving lasting social change. Ruairi is a leader of his generation and an educator of mine; in how to bring fresh energy and new ways of working into social justice campaigning.”

 David Hughes, Head of Enterprise Solutions, Vodafone Ireland
“Being on the Board of the Vodafone Ireland Foundation I had the pleasure of meeting & working with Ruairi and his SpunOut colleagues during 2010 & 2011. Ruairi was absolutely committed to the ambitions of empowering & supporting the youth of Ireland, was passionate at all times and a consumate professional. Smart, energetic & overall a great guy to deal with.”

 Brian Howard, CEO of Mental Health Ireland 
“I have known Ruairi in his work in developing the SpunOut organisation. I have found him dynamic, courteous and crucial to the development of SpunOut as a youth organisation. In this context Ruairi was central to promoting the area of mental health and youth in Ireland today.”

Hans Zomer, Director of Dóchas
“Ruairí is an important voice for social justice in Ireland and beyond, and a man with ideas, energy and determination. He believes passionately in the power of people when they come together and organise – and he is a great example of what that power can achieve.”


Anna Lally, Deputy CEO of SpunOut.ie
“I worked with Ruairi for 7 years at SpunOut.ie. As a social entrepreneur, Ruairi is skilled at inspiring others to become change makers. He is an innovative and visionary leader who is passionate about finding creative solutions to social issues. Ruairi has an in-depth knowledge of social change, non profit ICT initiatives both nationally and internationally, and community organising.”

 Deborah McMullin, Youth Worker
“Ruairí Mc Kiernan is a rare jewel in the midst of a very turbulent chapter in Irish and Global development. His insight and passion for social justice stems from a wonderfully refreshing ability to actively listen to all sides, adopt a measured response and therefore act with humility whilst representing those people who do not have a voice. Ruairí is a ‘do-er’ with a proven track record as a driver of positive change through innovation and creativity. His energy and potential knows no bounds, and Ruairí certainly will never allow limitations to become barriers in any project he undertakes. I commend and wish him all the best in all future endeavours!”